Where are Miab Blocked emails?

Emails commimg from some vps servers dont arrive neither to MIAB user inbox nor spam folder nor bounced.
How can I see these emails?

Please provide some more details. Have you checked if your IMAP/POP3 ports are open? (993 & 995)

@itsbhanusharma yes they are because i can send emails using smtp I can exchange emails with others servers.

yes I can recieve emails from my gmail and yahoo accounts.
but not from my website server.

Tried diagnosing that server first? Maybe possible it’s spam score is so worse it’s mails are bouncing?

the score is 6.9.
but still it arrives to gmail, outlook, yahoo and zoho inboxes. but never to MIAB.

done. you got the messages?

the problem, they are not delivered to my MIAB. I’m missing sth because two diffrent MIAB installations and the same result . I dont know where these emails go and why they are neither being delivered nor marked as spam.
this is realy driving me crazy.

Last thing that I can imagine of is if Your MIAB is hosted on a Service Provider that blocks communication on port 25!

Your message is unencrypted and hence either is coming from an untrusted server or a port that has been blocked by your service provider.

But I can connect to SMTP MIAB throught port 25 and send emails.

@itsbhanusharma can you please delete the log and the real emails from the thread for security measures.

Just FYI this is wrong: SMTP is used for both inbound and outbound email (server to server and client to server). IMAP & POP are used to access mailbox data, not send and receive email.

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if this is the first time your server see an email from that domain, the email is “grey listed” meaning that the server will not put it in to your mail box, or report that it received it, until after a set amount of time.

@murgero yes this is the first time. can I white list my server IP ? or I should just wait.

If YOUR IP is black listed somewhere I would go to the service black listing it and get it unlisted.

No. believe me it’s not black listed any where. and It can deliver email to every other server except MIAB.

Probably irrelevant, but your GLUE records do not match your zone files.


There is no way that can be fixed unless I just drop the second IP.
I know what it is and I know MIAB will never let me change the records if I want to use 2 IPs for the same machine. my glue records were configured with redundancy in mind.

How does redundancy work with a single point of failure? I see that you changed the GLUE records so I cannot look up the two IP’s but if they both were pointing at the same server, there is no redundancy really. Your best choice, IMHO, would be to use a secondary DNS provider such as buddyns.com rather than pointing 2 IP’s to the same server. That will give you redundancy in your DNS.

As I said, it is probably irrelevant, but did changing the GLUE records change anything?

DO’s floating IPs are assignable to any droplet across the same region. I had plans to keep my floating IP consistent secondary whilst the first IP would be of MIAB and second IP would get carried along.

I recently reverted my glue records back to original so that they point to the same IP.