Where are letsencrypt certs stored?

I setup mailinabox, got letsencrypt certs, and am now proceeding to use my domain on another server. Sounds easy enough. Setup the server, modify custom dns to point a-name towards new server IP, and it should show up? Nope.

The problem appears to be letsencrypt using HTST, so I can’t get the new site to load. It doesn’t have a cert. Next try was to put letsencrypt on new server, and go for issuing a new cert on the new server. That won’t work, the provisioning fails because it’s trying to use http which is preloaded to https.

I need the original cert. Where is this located so I can transfer it to my new server?

I found the certs, transferred them over, modified the DNS, and it’s still crapping out telling me the certs aren’t valid. This is very annoying. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

User error, it wasn’t on the HSTS preoload list, no need to transfer over the cert. I had it listed under a /public webroot that was not yet created with artisan. Cert issued on new server.