When will the version supporting new ubuntu LTS release come?

By reading the PR description it seems to have planned to come around April. However it’s already June so there must be some changes happen to the roadmap.

So what is the updated time plan?

18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver)
Released Apr 2018
End of support Apr 2028

It is my understanding that there is a lot of testing and coding to get to Ubuntu 20 or 22

18.04 has a few years before it is officially dead.

You might want to consider the fork (More Power to Mail-in-a-Box) if you want to be on a different version of Ubuntu or Debian.

Standard support for 18.04 ends in April 2023. After that it goes into the Extended Security Maintenance lifecycle for which you need an Ubuntu Advantage subscription or a free personal subscription.

See here… Ubuntu release cycle | Ubuntu and here… Releases - Ubuntu Wiki

The free personal subscription is an option though.

Also, still 9 months away…

Guessing it will happen when it happens…

So it may still take a long time before an MIAB version that requires 22.04 comes along?

That’s not an issue imho, as long as it comes along within the standard support period of Ubuntu 18.04, i.e. before April 2023. This means they still have about 9 months time to do all the necessary changes in order for MiaB to work on Ubuntu 22.04.

Btw the PR you linked says that Ubuntu 22.04 will be released in April 2022. It’ doesn’t say that MiaB will be ready for it by then :wink:

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I see. My bad on misunderstanding.

The plan is the same every time anyone asks: We’ll support Ubuntu 22.04 just as soon as anyone is able to get it working. If it hasn’t been released yet, it’s because no one has figured out how to get everything working.


Just to put it into perspective, v 0.40 for Ubuntu 18.04 was released in January 2019.

I do know that the team wants to improve upon this for the Ubuntu 22.04 release, but in all seriousness we shouldn’t expect it before the end of this year.

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I still don’t understand why it’s so hard to register for the extended Ubuntu support - free for up to 3 machines until 2028.

Basically run one command on your server and get updates for a long time.

You may want to take a look at what the license states. Usually when companies use the phrase “personal use”, it means not a business and often also not an organization (government, non-profit, etc.).

I suppose if your mailinabox is hosting personal email then free is appropriate.

And if your running a business you can probably afford the $75 license.

First, some users may not want to register it for whatever reason. Secondly, you may have already registered a few systems, as far as I know, the number of free licenses is limited. And third, you are only postponing the problem for another 5 years, the necessary changes will be even more extensive by then and the upgrade procedure will potentially be more complicated.

Ugh… seems everyone is over sensitive to this conversation.

Ill bail out on it. Was just merely saying that there is a path forward for security patches until 2028.

Nah… I just wanted to point out that there are good reasons to work towards a release on Ubuntu 22.04. Of course If that shouldn’t work out for whatever reasons, the Extended Support would then certainly be an option (if not the only option) that one has to consider in order to continue operating MiaB securely.

The “deadline” is already given by the release cycles of Ubuntu and neither the MiaB contributors nor you or I can change anything about that. Anyways… It was not my intention to put pressure on the contributors. I know how OSS projects work. I just wanted to clarify that there is a difference between “regular LTS support” and “Extended Support” and why it might be preferable not having to use the latter.

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I was raising this question just because I have set up several Ubuntu 22.04 instances and ready to install MIAB once the version requiring Ubuntu 22.04 is out. However I have been seeing other beneficial discussions under it.

About purchasing Extended Support for Ubuntu 18.04, I don’t think it quite applicable for this question. It is not because of a 75USD annual cost. It is because the sustainability engineering is usually for software that has been officially announced end of life so we must still use the underlying software that supports it. For example, some accounting software relies on some Visual Basic 6.0 components and will never update (the company developing such software may be dead already), so the companies using which to supprt their core business have to buy Extended Support for Visual Basic 6.0 or even old Windows to run the software. MIAB is still under active development, so its newer versions will support or even require newer versions of Ubuntu. If you choose to purchase Extended Support for Ubuntu 18.04 means that you are going to stick to the latest version of MIAB that requires Ubuntu 18.04 and deprive yourself of the opportunities to newer MIAB version if you do not upgrade to newer versions of Ubuntu.

I am locking this thread before it becomes more heated.

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