What operating system do you use?

By which operating system I’m not referring to the operating system of your server.

I’m curious to see what desktop operating systems you use, why would be interesting too!

For Example…

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux (if so which distribution?)


I use primarily Solus OS.
I also have virtual machines with various Linux distros however the machine that hosts the virtual machines runs Ubuntu Budgie 17.10.

I run Linux for many reasons. Some of the more important reasons I use Linux is:

  • I care about my privacy.
  • I care about freedom (as in liberty).
  • Linux is blazing fast and rock solid.
  • I’m happy with most communities surrounding Linux.

On PC Linux dual booting with:
-Ubuntu 16
-Arch Linux

Macbook with it’s default OS (for general browsing/media/email)

Forced to use Windows at work, so have a VMs with Arch, Antergos & Ubuntu for when I want to SSH into my own servers or do any dev work on the side.

Latest RHEL or Fedora. Mostly RHEL7.4 atm. 3 Desktop and 1 Workstation.

Servers are RHEL/Centos depending if it’s a vps or physical. Few exceptions, miab being one.

Arch Linux.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~