What is user webmail url?

I created a user: newmediacreate.net using the MIAB DNS… just like the guide tells you.

I have an “A” record pointing newmediacreat.net to IP of the web site. It works.

Obviously newmediacreate.net/mail does not work… I get a 404 not found.

So what do I do? Maybe create an A record like mail.newmediacreate.net pointed at the MIAB server IP?

I saw nothing about that in the guide… actually I’ve seen nothing about webmail URLs for users.

Please someone point me in the right direction?

What hostname did you use for MIAB? It would have suggested: box.newmediacreate.net so your webmail would be: https://box.newmediacreate.net/mail

I bought a new domain: mailanc.net just for this server so the host is box.mailanc.net.

I plan to put several domains on the mail server… some new, some old so it made no sense to use an existing domain (we have a dozen or so.) We are looking to the day when we can leave our expensive dedicated server and take care of our computing needs with cloud servers… maybe by the end of next year… baby steps first.

so you login with https://box.mailanc.net/mail
using username@newmediacreate.net and the password you chose

You know I didn’t even think about that method. It just didn’t dawn on me to hit Roundcube with the server’s name… but it makes a lot of sense in that is how most ISPs do it. They don’t give everyone their own URL for webmail.

Well, one thing is that by doing what I did was quick and simple and makes it a bit more intuitive to the user.

I wrote this to explain how I finally figured out how to add a user:

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