What Happens: Both User and Alias setup for same address

What happens if the same email address is setup as both a user and an alias (that forwards email to another user)? Does the email get both stored in the mailbox and forwarded to the additional address?

Although there is some specified behavior according to how postfix handles that situation, I would avoid doing that! Mail-in-a-Box considers that an unsupported configuration.

Actually, yes. The email is delivered to the user, and is also forwarded as well. I have been doing this for years with multiple MiaB instances, and so far there has never been an issue.

@JoshData Although I have seen you speak out against this before, I’d like to report that it has worked flawlessly for me in multiple instances. In my experience, postfix handles it well … although yes, there may be some specific way in which it is supposed to handle it, but for me and my users it has always been handled as expected. Have we ever dug into how Postfix is actually supposed to handle it to determine that we should really consider this an unsupported modification?

This should be handled via a mailbox rule in roundcube…

Just a point of clarification … all of the ‘forwarding’ email accounts are accounts handled on the server, not externally.

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