What folder in miab does my email reside?

Which directory is my email?


How do I cat some of the email data?

Seems like vultr.com royally fucked up all my email and won’t admit fault.

I started getting token errors after logging in after I enabled two factor

then ALL my email was gone, AND that’s not the half of it.

one of my backups was missing from the one prior!

total mess…

I’ve been using Vultr for years without one single problem.

Email is maildir format.

I have very good reasons for putting into motion for migrating completely away from vultr

Too many damning evidences, I don’t really want to share it unless some one asks, as it just seems like a waste of time.

Feel free to ask and I will take the time to explain with time stamps and missing data.

Downloading the src on round cube is greyed out so I can only down load encrypted messages, hmmm could that have been vultr?


an entire chain of emails from their staff basically refusing to take responsibility for glaring fiasico that was clearly vultrs fault,

OH, and how about when I rebooted my computer ALL my user data was erased on my windows profile! FROM HOME

Luckly I got it all on a thumb drive, however… it s all encrypted…

Also repeatedly telling me they don’t support topt, then telling me to sign up for sso with google and whoever else tech giant. I finally got an answer, apparently topt is not 2fa, pfft!!



Update, this had to be a cover up by a three letter agency…

even though I saw the file.zip copy and ejected the thumb drive all of the emails are gone…

lol here are the pictures, turns out they had them in their ticket manager…

Surely you’re not suggesting that Vultr, your VPS provider, has made a modification to your roundcube install.

If you’re looking for some commiseration, I can only offer my sympathy that you’re struggling.

If you’re looking for actual proper support, I suggest you take a step back, breathe, and then provide some relevant information, including any modifications or customizations you may have done to your MIAB install.


Sir, proof needs no explanation.

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