What can be done to thank you?

Last night one month long nightmare was finished for me.
I was able to configure my own mailbox thanks to mail-in-a-box application.
Having tried many different solutions I’ve became aware how difficult it can be for a noob as me to create its own mailbox and how easy it can be thanks to the effort done by Josh and all the people that worked on this project.
I’d like to say a big big thank you!
However I was not able to find any section where I’d be able to express my feeling in anything of concrete.
What can be done to thank you?


Josh is the main/lead developer on this amazing project, his website: https://razor.occams.info/

You may or may not find a way to thank him through that. But also, thank you for being a part of a neat project!

Your post here is enough. :slight_smile: Helping out others in our little community would be great too!


I’m a kind of noob, but I’ll try too :slight_smile:

Haven’t you considered any kind of donation? Would totally donate…

The situation is that we’re not organized enough to take and make good use of small donations. If we could raise thousands of dollars so we could support the work of individuals on a part-time basis, that would be something else.

I’ve begun this topic specifically because I was not finding any donation section.
Donation would be of course the easiest way :slight_smile:

but as was said, below a certain size it may be more trouble to deal with legalities and all that. these days they jail u over nothing really.

That’s bad, maybe you can think about accepting donations in crypto? Or it would be even more dangerous?

What about using the small funds that come in to put towards promoting MiaB so that the user base could grow and, thus, increase the total donations?

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I’ve deleted the post and account.

I’ve deleted mine as well, as it doesn’t mean anything without the original spam message :slight_smile: