Website error with HSTS

Help please… I have set custom dns records for my domain and for the www subdomain as well. Now when I try and visit the site I get an error regarding invalid certificate. Also, www is redirecting to the domain without www (not a biggie, but it didn’t do that before I changed the DNS to be controlled by MiaB). The invalid certificate is causing an issue because HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) is set. Of course I could go ahead and issue a certificate for the server that my website is hosted from. But how do we change it so that the websites do not require https??

All websites hosted on the box are served over HTTPS with a HSTS header. When you change your DNS, the HSTS header is cached by any browser that had visited the site while it was hosted on the box. If the new site is not served over HTTPS, you will have to have everyone who visited the site before clear their browser cache.

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