Webmail window title always shows primary domain

Hi, I have my main domain setup and am also serving a few other domain using MIAB. All is working well, but whatever domain’s webmail I go to, the login screen and window title both mention the primary domain name. It appears this was added in v0.18


* Roundcube is updated to version 1.1.5 and the Roundcube login screen now says "[hostname] Webmail" instead of "Mail-in-a-Box/Roundcube webmail".

Is there anywhere this can be changed to hide the main domain name?


Try looking through the files changed for that version and see what specific change is doing this.

I know little about configuring Roundcube, but I speculate you may only be able to change what the name is on every domain. However, you could always just change it to something generic, such as “Moar Webmail”, or whatever works for you.

And note this will be an unsupported modification, which means that every time you update MiaB your changes will be reverted.

I think i’ve found it in mailinabox/setup/webmail.sh

\$config['product_name'] = '$PRIMARY_HOSTNAME Webmail';

I’m not sure if I change and run that if i’ll break anything so am going to spin up a new instance to try.


You shouldn’t break anything. You will need to run sudo mailinabox after you change that file. And as @openletter mentioned, you will have to modify this every time you upgrade to a new version of MiaB. However, you should be ok when it comes to surviving weekly maintenance.

yup, change worked and didn’t break anything, and yes, I know the next update will remove the change.