Webmail Records

Hello everyone. I have 2 servers:
Server 1: WebServer
Server 2: Mail-in-a-box

Server 1 is setup with a domain: mysite.com
and all the records are created.
The email works awesome :smiley:

The thing is that I want to use the Webmail service that is on Server 2.
What records should I add to use mysite.com/webmail (or mysite.com:2083 for example).
Is that possible?

If you are using apache look into using the mod_rewrite module, it does what you want it to do.

Or worst case, using php you can redirect on the fly:

        header("Location: https://server2.url.com/mail");

Yes… that would be an idea.
Instead, I create an A record:

webmail.mysite.com. 1800 IN A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx


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