Webmail address for multiple domains

Hi I have just set up a new install and all works fine.

Domain is mail.mydomain.org
My users can go to mail.mydomain.org/mail to access webmail.

Now I want to setup additional domains such as @mydomain.net and @mydomain.co.uk
I have set them up following instructions and pointed each domains MX record to the mail-in-a-box.

What I would like to do is to enable each other domain to have its own webmail url so that users can go to mail.mydomain.net or mail.mydomain.co.uk and access webmail there.

Is this possible? And I dont mean just to forward their url to the original domain mail.mydomain.org
Can they actually see the relevant domain in the address bar of their browser while they are accessing webmail?

any advice and guidance is very appreciated.


If the website and email are hosted with MIAB, just goto mydomain.net/mail or mydomain.co.uk/mail to access webmail.

The above assumes that you have NOT used a custom A record in MIAB for those domains.

IF the mail for the domain and the website are hosted on 2 different servers:

mail.mydomain.net = Mail in a box

mydomain.net = A different server.

Then look into RainLoop webmail it is a databaseless webmail and can be easily configured on mydomain.net/mail to login to MIAB’s IMAP/SMTP servers.

Whatabout doing an A record in your DNS for the mail, such as mail.domaina.net mail.domainb.net etc, and have them point to your MIAB server. Then the url of mail.domainb.net/mail will be how you connect.

Just a thought. I haven’t tried it but worth a stab. If this doesn’t work out let me know, as I have a pile of domains that I am doing nothing with that I can use as toy/test domains to try this out.

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