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So basically I have many problem because this “web” section doesn’t have delete option. Ofc you can change folder, but I don’t want to do that because it will not fix my problem. If you have domain like example.com and you use that on mail. It automatically do www.example.com and example.com and you can’t delete local.conf manually because software will rewrite it…

Sorry for my bad english. I try my best.

To do what you want either set a new A record for the domain or delete all the email address’s to disable the web (and email) for the domain.

I disabled mail, but no lucky. It’s still use that Mail In A Box default page…

Are you hosting the web page somewhere else or in a new folder?

Yes ofc. Diffrent folder with apache2 (port 8080). I have only 1 IP

You have apache installed on the same machine as Mail in a box? I would strongly recommend against this.

If you are going to host a static (HTML/JS/CSS) site, just make a new folder /home/user-data/www/yourdomain.com

then run the websetup.py script in the tools directory of /home/yourusername/mailinabox/tools

If you need apache for a PHP site like wordpress, drupal, etc please use a different server. If you need some very cheap web hosting, I have used https://vpscheap.net, https://digitalocean.com, https://scaleway.com, etc very successfully.

You are agains it because noob software? Yes I agree, software is litle stupid. I have 5 years experience linux and windows server hosting. I need apache2 because php/.htaccess and I don’t wanna many diffrent server btw

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As a general rule, Mail-in-a-Box boxes aren’t supposed to be modified because any undocumented changes could break Mail-in-a-Box functionality, and it’s much harder for folks in our community to provide support when people start making changes to their boxes. You are, of course, welcome to do whatever you like on your own box, but @murgero’s recommendation is that if you do so you’re likely to break something about Mail-in-a-Box, you’re not likely to get much additional help here, and when things break no one will be able to help you.

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