Web redirect to another web URL

I am using MIAB for DNS and mail for a domain. I want to redirect web requests to that domain to an altogether different domain web hosted off-site. Can I even redirect it to a directory of that other website? Can this be done and if so how please? Thank you!

To a website, yes. Set a CNAME record in Custom DNS area of the admin page.

To a specific directory on a different site, you will need to have a redirect on the MiaB hosted page for the domain redirecting the request to the specific location elsewhere.

Thank you. What would that redirect on a hosted page consist of? A PHP file script or ?

Something like that … I don’t do web dev as that is a whole other world.

The CNAME is not working and I am unable to tell why. Are there logfiles that would inform me as to what the problem is? If so, where are they to be found please? thank you.

Yea, you’re right. I gave you potentially bad advice (at least incomplete advice) as you cannot use a CNAME record on the apex of the domain. When I responded I was thinking for the www subdomain, but I think you were thinking of the apex of the domain as well.

A CNAME will work for www if you want to try it, but you are going to have to either host the website directly on another server and point the A record to that server OR if the site is not on your domain, use a redirect on the box to redirect to that site.