Web redirect and ZPush

Picked up another domain that I will be hosting a website on and I went to my MiaB server to setup everything. First, I setup the new domain to get mail and confirmed it was working. Next, I added a custom dns for domain(dot)com and www.domain(dot)com that point to my new web server. Everything was working until I tried to setup email using ZPush on my phone. After it failed multiple times I checked ZPush through the URL (https://domain(dot)com/Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync) and I get an error on this single domain.

I’m guessing this is an issue cause by redirecting domain(dot)com from the mail server to the web server. All I can think to fix it is to leave the www. domain(dot)com pointing at the web server and changing domain(dot)com back to the mail server IP. If I do that though, anyone accessing the website without using www will just get my mail server instead. Is there a way for me to tell the server that anyone going to domain.com is really looking for www. domain(dot)com? Is there another/better way to do this? Am I just stuck choosing between ZPush and external website?

Appreciate the help. Also sorry for all the “ domain(dot)com”, but the forum keeps telling me I can only post 2 links and this was my workaround

Z-Push should be on the same domain as your admin page. Do you use https://box.domain(dot)com to access the admin and webmail pages?

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