Web Based Bulk Importer


We would like to see a bulk importer added to the web interface. I realize I can do this with the API but some of my users who need to add emails I don’t want to give access to CLI.

Is there a way to add this, is there an option to pay for custom development such as this?

Also if not all the users loaded after each user add, this may not be as needed. We have lots of email address and the user’s page takes a while to reload after each new addition.

Thank you for your input.

User @murgero created a script to interact with the API for just this purpose. It is not a ‘bulk’ importer per se, but it does solve the issue of allowing access to the admin area to users.

This is not an issue when using this script.

If you need hosting for this, please let me know.

This looks like it will work great. Where on the server to I put these files?

You don’t. It has to be hosted separately.

This web interface is helpful. I have a file of about 4,000 users I need to add. I found this GitHub project that imports a csv but it doesn’t appear to work any longer. Anyone else have an idea for importing mass number of accounts?

It wasn’t web based, however a friend helped me create this python file to import users:

I have a user who still would like to see a web based importer, if someone wanted to give me an estimate they would likely pay for it.

Hi @ashmarlow would you be kind enough to give me more details in PM of exactly what they are desiring? I may have a developer who can make this happen.

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