Warnings on DNSSEC

On https://mailinabox.email/guide.html#domain-name-registration a list of domain names with ‘quirks’ are listed. I predominantly use .nl domain names. No quirks here (for me).

I have also an .eu and an .be domain name. The DNSSEC DS is giving warnings in miab: ‘DNSSEC DS record is incorrect’ for the .be and for the .eu I get a ‘DNSSEC DS record is not set’-warning. The .nl and .com domain names are all green and registered at the same company.

Any ideas how these warnings are triggered and how I can correct these?

.nl is listed because someone reported that the TLD requires two distinct nameservers (i.e. MiaB and a secondary nameserver).

I don’t know about the other TLDs. It may be that they don’t properly support DNSSEC. It is very difficult to figure it out - I had to do a lot of trial and error for my TLDs to see what was supported.

At Transip.nl you can set DNSSEC for domains.
I added my glue records and now can manually set the DNSSEC to what MiaB needs, haven’t done that yet though.
Dont know for other domains there.

Openprovider supports DNSSEC for EU, BE, and NL now