WARN: Duplicate profile 'Dovecot IMAP', using last found

I have been using MIAB for a long time and I have gotting this warning in my logs over and over again for some time as well:
WARN: Duplicate profile ‘Dovecot IMAP’, using last found

I can see it comes from ufw profiles and that I have multiple dovecot profile files there. But I do not know which one(s) that miab actually controls:

the content of the first is the content of the two latter combined.

From another thread I see you did a 18.04 ubuntu upgrade in place. It might be a leftover from that. On my 22.04 box I do not have the dovecot-core file, and it also does not show up in a apt-file search action. I suggest you try to move it out of the way and see if something breaks :wink: