Wants to use firewall IP, not other IP

Hello, I am attempting to install mailinabox behind a firewall. The firewall has a number of public IP’s that I can use for email. I want to use the one that is not assigned to the firewall itself. How do I change the IP?

firewall public IPs: (assigned to firewall) (assigned to wordpress) (I want to assign this to mail-in-a-box)

But mail-in-a-box picked and I can’t see where to change it.


You can set some environment variables prior to running the Mail-in-a-Box setup:

  • PRIVATE_IPV4 / PRIVATE_IPV6: The IPv4 and (optionally) IPv6 addresses of network interfaces that some services will bind to. This is often just the machine’s IP address, but when the machine is behind a firewall the machine’s network interfaces may have a different address than the machine’s public address.
  • PUBLIC_IPV4 / PUBLIC_IPV6: The IPv4 and (optionally) IPv6 addresses that the machine is known as on the public Internet.

Note that if you run the setup using sudo, e.g. with the recommended install commend, then I think you need to use sudo -e so that the environment variables pass through to the program execution as the root user.