" Waiting for the Mail-in-a-Box management daemon to start..." message looping forever

I’ve tried multiple times to start a mail-in-a-box server but unfortunately I get stuck on this message. I’m trying to host on digitalocean and I’ve changed my nameservers for my domain to point to ns1.box and ns2.box. I haven’t found a solution to this problem anywhere online. Any help?

One thing I have found out is that this line is printed out when the .sh script runs

nc -z -w 4 localhost 10222

which when I do this in console, fails and says connection refused. Do I need to setup something else on my server?

Is this a clean machine?

What commands have you issued? Just the bootstrap?

Could you paste more of the output?

I was actually able to fix it but now I have the problem that I can send mail to Google without it going in the spam or to Hotmail whatsoever because it thinks mail is spam. I have DKIM and SPF set up but I’m not sure what else I can change. Can I offer you some output to maybe fix this?

What did you do to fix the problem? Might be interesting to other users :smile:

Are all the status checks in the management interface green? Could you test your domain with: http://mxtoolbox.com

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