VPS Providers Outside USA

There are many new users who love Mail In A Box but want to buy a VPS located outside USA anonymously using cryptocurrency.

These are some anonymous VPS providers that I tried and work well with Mail In A Box:

  1. https://shinjiru.com.my (VPS Provider and ICANN accredited registrar)
  2. https://vpsmalaysia.com.my (VPS Provider)

Vultr is pretty bad as they reject Bitcoin without first verifying identity using credit card. This is well not anonymous.

LightNode blocks inbound port 25 and unless you pay US $100 per VPS, they will unblock port 25. I used them as yes, they have plenty of locations but they do not support cryptocurrency. So, its not anonymous eventhough they are located outside USA. Their entire IP subnet is owned by PSI-Cogent, so they are subject to USA laws.

If anyone knows of other VPS providers, then please kindly list them here, so we all have a full list of anonymous VPS providers that accept payment via cryptocurrency.

Take care and stay safe.

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