Volumes + DO + Existing MIAB

I would like to attach a DO storage volume to my existing MIAB server running on DO.


Maybe you are asking how to do it?

I would attach it as /home

So you’ll need to move your /home/ to another location temporarily, mount the volume, then move the temp home to /home.

Rather easy, actually.

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Thank you for answering. I was wondering how to add block storage.

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Thanks for answering, I was asking how to do it.

As in the specific command line instructions?

Perhaps Digital Ocean has a guide. The key items to note are what I have already written.

I was affirming that was the original question, how to do it. so thanks for the insight so I can get it done

DO’s “guide” is absolutely horrible. May as well not be a guide.

You basically need to know how to format and mount the storage. Well, maybe not how to format it as DO’s contradictory guides say that they are pre-formatted. Which, doesn’t make a lot of sense as how do they know what file system you want to format it with?

If I actually used DO, I could probably come up with a guide but I do not

If someone would like to set up a “team” in DO and give me access to it, I’ll do the process and document it.