Volumes + DO + Existing MIAB

I would like to attach a DO storage volume to my existing MIAB server running on DO.


Maybe you are asking how to do it?

I would attach it as /home

So you’ll need to move your /home/ to another location temporarily, mount the volume, then move the temp home to /home.

Rather easy, actually.

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Thank you for answering. I was wondering how to add block storage.

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Thanks for answering, I was asking how to do it.

As in the specific command line instructions?

Perhaps Digital Ocean has a guide. The key items to note are what I have already written.

I was affirming that was the original question, how to do it. so thanks for the insight so I can get it done

DO’s “guide” is absolutely horrible. May as well not be a guide.

You basically need to know how to format and mount the storage. Well, maybe not how to format it as DO’s contradictory guides say that they are pre-formatted. Which, doesn’t make a lot of sense as how do they know what file system you want to format it with?

If I actually used DO, I could probably come up with a guide but I do not

If someone would like to set up a “team” in DO and give me access to it, I’ll do the process and document it.

as if everyone has to know what you abbreviate as DO.


Certainly isn’t rocket science … after all Digital Ocean is spelled out in the first sentence …

You would attach it to Home? So MIAB would be fully installed on the volume?
What benefit do you get from doing that? I used the “Storage” environment variable as mentioned in the MIAB guide, but I notice that only the email data was on the volume. This doesn’t seem to be a problem, but will the MIAB grow in size as well over time?
If the storage env var is configured on the volume the MIAB installation on the main drive should not grow in size…

MiaB itself would not be, no. Just the data as it is stored in /home/user-data/

Since MANY people do not create a user account (kudo’s to those who do!) there will be nothing else in /home other than that one directory with all of MiaB’s data.

Really though, there is no right or wrong with either approach.

In either case, the ‘main’ drive will grow in size due to journal entries and logs, although MiaB itself will not other than from changes in the underlying pieces as they are updated over time, etc.

Ok understood so mounting the volume on the Home directory gives the same results as using the STORAGE_ROOT, with STORAGE_ROOT you can mount it anywhere.

Thanks for the info regarding the size of MIAB, logs and journals can always be deleted so it’s not an issue.

They provide the exact instructions, the moment you create the volume - together with all the IP address, and exact path name to cater for copy/paste.

It’s just people choosing not to read them…