Virtual Mail Filtering Appliance

Me again,

So as part of my home setup and being fairly security paranoid, I’m looking at introducing a mail filtering appliance onto my network in order to assist with filtering out spam etc.

One of the options I’ve been looking at is Proxmox’s Mail-Gateway.

I’ll be honest and admit I’ve not done a lot of research into this as of yet, but I was wondering if this was something that is at all possible to work alongside MIAB or if anyone else has tried something similar?


Unless it works through IMAP, you will be custom configuring MiaB, I’m pretty sure, but others can chime in if it is a relay between MiaB and the WWW. I haven’t configured anything like that.

Yes it is possible, how you normally would do that is to configure this in Postfix just like the spam filtering. Postfix is your mailbox’s front door, in the config file you can setup routes to spamfilter but also content filters like Amavis or even external boxes. However changing the config files is unsupported and will be overwritten with every update. You don’t put a box in front of mailinabox for filtering, that negates all the other spam reducing techniques like DKIM, TLS and greyisting.