Vanity nameserver with secondary dns hosting


I’ve set up a secondary DNS service and records are successfully synced.
I’d like to now use the secondary DNS service with vanity nameservers.

Does MIAB support this? I can’t create NS records for the root domain, only a subdomain :frowning:

The question is … does your secondary DNS provider support this?

I know that buddyns will if you subscribe at $3 per quarter.

I have a test box running right now that I am doing ‘vanity’ dns on with no issues. However, the other DNS servers are mine, so not completely sure that counts.

How exactly are you trying to create the NS records?

Yes, buddyns.

The problem seems to be that MIAB does not allow a NS record to be made for the root domain, only subdomains.

e.g. create NS record, failed. create NS record for subdomain, ok.

Setting up secondary service using (where X is one of their servers) works, and using the xfr:IPADDRESS for authorizing zone transfers works.

I’ve also created A records for with the buddyns server ips, but they don’t seem to have updated to buddyns “sync now”.

tbh i’m just going to revert back to non-vanity for now ad make sure zone updates work, and work on vanity stuff tomorrow. It’s only a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have atm :slight_smile:

Thanks for the prompt reply :slight_smile:

I think that there is an error in your implementation …

After a bunch of testing last week I came to the conclusion that you DO NOT create ANY NS record with MiaB. No, none at all.

Instead you have to list each secondary server in the Custom DNS section and add an A record for it. MiaB will add those secondaries to DNS automatically. You also need to add an additional glue record at the registrar.

To be quite honest, I have not yet determined what the NS (DNS Subdomain Delegation) record is yet … I kind of quit chasing that when everything worked the way I set it up. One note, it did take several hours for my additional glue records to be recognized. This probably was due to the TLD I used.

If you want to check my test box’s DNS feel free to poke around … the hostname is It will be gone in about a week so for anyone reading this in the future be aware.

OK thanks, I’ll try that tomorrow with fresh eyes.
A record, glue records, then add in the custom secondary section the FQDN used for glue records.

Thanks for tips

Right, and of course BuddyNS’s required
xfr: xfr: xfr: xfr: xfr:

Let me know how it works out tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I have set up a .pro domain with secondary DNS at buddyns.

Glue records at registrar: → IP of MIAB → IP of MIAB → IP of buddyns nameserver → IP of buddyns nameserver → IP of buddyns nameserver

The only error with the buddyns “delegration lab” testing tool

The list of nameservers declared by the last delegating server and the authoritative server do not match. This occasionally entails important issues. Configuration should be reviewed ASAP.

The rest of the info returned that looks fine (to me) is:



Version serial
Slave refresh
Slave retry
Slave expiry
Negative cache

BuddyNS inquired server , which delegates zone to:


* is authoritative for zone ! It provides this authority list:


Ok, so you have opted to have vaniity name servers at Buddyns. Awesome! I’d like to check out the dig results, etc. if you’d PM me the domain name. :slight_smile:

I am also interested in knowing what changes you made within MiaB.