V62 I still don't see a plugin for spamassassin in Roundcube

I just upgraded to v62 and checked Roundcube and I still don’t see spamassassin as a plugin. Can anyone confirm that we just drop the spam into the junk and spamassasin will pick it up without the plugin?

The amount of spam I am receiving has been slowly increasing. Dropping the spam into the junk box just does not seem to be stopping the same spam from coming in.

That is correct, there is no spamassassin plugin for Roundcube. Spamlearning is performed by moving a mail into the junk folder. When a mail is moved into the junk/spam folder, spamassasin gets a signal indicating the mail is spam. This way, after a lot of mails spamassassin learns a better filter for spam. It also works the other way around, moving a mail out of the spam/junk folder teaches spamassasin that an email is not spam.
To make sure spamassassin is in operation, check the email headers for the presence of X-Spam- headers

Yes, I do see x-spam headers. Thank you for confirming.