V0.41 still as latest at 'mailinabox.email'

Looks like you imported OLD SSL data from your backup and overwrited the new .pem created with the new install of v0.40 … Try:

  • rename the current .pem
  • rename the OLD certificates if imported/ overwrited, too
  • Run the code for upgrading to 0.40 again

@just4t thanks for the input but well im far beyond v0.40 and i just nuked the ssl directory

A noob like i would need the steps more detailed :wink:

I now have something to do and close for now - will try to do it again with possible new input in around 3 or 4h

I will send u and @alento my little tutorial with commands how i did it (just with already the LE reissue included) for now and later rerun all with the LE reissue as 7a) from it if everything works fine i will inform u that it can be released as workaround