V0.40 Installation Stopping


The setup script for 0.40 IS functional. It has been installed on many servers without issue and some with minor issues. Perhaps the issue is with your VPS instead? So, who is your VPS provider? What type of virtualization is being used?


Here some Information:

My original Miab-Box is running fine since v.0.16 (cant remember exactly) without any issues.

Provider is netcup.de, a KVM-VM with 2 dedicated cores, 3 GB RAM, 2+240GB RAID1.
Second VM is also KVM-based, 10 Cores, 32GB RAM etc…

Is it possible, to enable some logging in the Setup-Script?
/var/log/syslog shows nothing special.

With Ubuntu 14.04 i never had such issues, Miab-Setup always works flawlessy.

Maybe an Update breaks the Setup-Script?

Thanks for your help!

Edit: Testing an Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS without any updates -> same issue.



Enabling “OpenSSH” in Ubuntu-Setup solved the issue described above. (i do not need SSH)
I think this is related to an OpenSSL- dependency, which is not installed if you untick OpenSSH.

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