V 0.09 OwnCloud Stuck After Update

After updating to v0.09 trying to access owncloud shows a page asking me to click to update, but it just hangs on a screen stating:

Updating ownCloud to version 8.0.2, this may take a while.

Please reload the page.

Reloading takes back to the click here to start update page. And I cannot find the OCC upgrade option owncloud recommends in the mailinabox build. Please advise.

Thank you

Found it! Just had to dig into the documentation on GitHub.

The OwnCloud directory is foudn at /usr/local/lib/owncloud

From there running:

sudo -u www-data php occ upgrade

resolved the problem.

If you updated by git pull did you run mailinabox after?

Oh, nevermind, you must have to have gotten ownCloud updated in the first place. The setup runs that upgrade command, so something must not have worked right.