Using our own DNS


We are in desperate need of an email solution and mail-in-a-box looks as though it will fit the bill. That said, there is one major stumbling point …

We have a rather complex DNS system already set up with multiple DNS servers so there is no desire to ‘reinvent the wheel’ and redo this. Preferably, we want to add the necessary records to our existing DNS setup.

Sadly, I have not seen much discussion on this topic. Is there any documentation that I can review to insure that we can do what we need to do?

Thanks in advance for any help!


It is really easy to do.

You can get a list of the required DNS records and just add them manually.

You will see some warnings about nameservers in the status checks but these can be safely ignored.

Thank you both.

It seems that I will actually need to go through the process of setting it up to see how MiaB presents the DNS info at the end. That will allow me to understand in further detail what the required settings in our existing DNS would be. I had hoped that there might be some online documentation

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