Using my own name servers ns1/

So I am really pleased about mailinabox it’s great!
I’ve set up a box previously and tore it down to re-do after I reconfigured my DNS at GoDaddy, which is now my slave DNS provider and I am running my own name servers ns1 and with bind9.
If I simply add the glue records to my nameservers, will that work out of the box and is it now necessary for me to actually add to GoDaddy interface and set my domain name to use maininbox name servers instead of my name servers?
I much prefer to use my original name servers as it gives me more control.
Let me know if I would be flogging a dead horse with this and just stick to out of the box dns features.

You can use whatever nameservers you want, but you are responsible for setting the right DNS records. Your box will tell you what to set.

Yep it seems pretty straight forward. I had at first set up in my dns records, but I am now getting the feeling that this is unnecessary. I’m in the middle of configuring the box has launched and resolved successfully but is complaining about name servers not set, which is to be expected at this stage. I will let you know if I figure it out. All in all the box is robust. Nice job on making it.

Update: my has notified my mail box correctly. ns2 logs refused notify from non-master at my mailbox. Correcting the transfer issue. But I think I missed the need to put ns1.mail and ns2.mail in A records too.

Thanks again. All working squeaky clean bar a few ? in the status check. Everything is resolving correctly. Brilliant software. Well done.

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