Using MIAB with PHP/PHPBB3

I know this is a it off-topic, but I would like to start using my Mail-in-a-Box server to send mail from my website, which is on another server. I am using PHPBB3, and am considering using Discourse, but for the time being, I am sticking with PHPBB3.
The issue is that I know that PHPBB3 uses the PHP mail function (I can change the function name in the settings), but I am not sure WHERE that mail goes, and I need to figure it out. Then, I need to figure out how to get that mail over to the mailinabox server to be sent, authenticating it for the mail-in-a-box user that I create, since mail-in-a-box does not relay mail for unauthenticated users.

That, or I need to find a PHP mail function that PHPBB3 supports, and figure out how to make that work.

Actually this is probably better:

But ignore what it instructs you to use for port, auth method, etc. and use the settings shown on the instructions page in your admin area. And of course, make sure that the account is set up on your MiaB.

Oh my God, that was really easy. I should have spotted that. I’ll have to check it out later, as I am using a Lua/PHP script to chomp down on a year’s worth of spam. I’m gonna try deleting all posts originating from non-US IP addresses, then programmatically write down all the email addresses and use a script to send everyone I delete an email, just in case I deleted their account in error.

Any chance you could give some pointers on maybe a Python script that could automate sending an email to a list of email addresses?

Sorry but you are speaking Greek here! :stuck_out_tongue: Well, I understand you but Python is Greek!

IDK Python, but in PHP it’s something like:

$array = array(...client email list as strings ...);
foreach($array as $email){
    sendmail(...mail data...);

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