Using MIAB in Debian 12 Proxmox LXC

I recently tried installing MIAB on a Ubuntu 22.04 . From the discussions , I got help to bypass the pip error externally managed. I thought such an awseme project could run on Debian?
I digged into the setup folder and modified some bash files and got it working ( work in progress) on Proxmox linux container based on a turnkey standard debian 12 template. I think it should work but not tested on a debian 12 virtual machine.
Here is the link to the modified setup folder.
The steps:
1- curl -s -o
2- nano ./ -l
on line 43
echo “This script may be used…”
#exit 1
3- remove the last line, save and exit
4- bash ./
5- cd mailinabox
6- extract the tar.gz to overwrite the current setup subfolder as follows:
tar -xvf setup.tar.gz
7- sudo setup/

setup.tar.gz folder for Debian 12 ( 54 kb) last updated

If you are using Proxmox Turnkey template to create the lxc, execute the following to convert the lxc into a fresh Debian installation:
apt remove --purge lightt* python3* webmin* postfix* && apt autoremove then reboot then apt update && apt upgrade && apt install sudo && netstat -nltp to make sure cleanness of the system.

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