Using MiaB custom DNS and https

Hello MiaB community,

Can anyone tell me if there is something I need to know/do/configure to have my Wordpress server (located on a different box) to enable HTTPS I am able to install Certbot certificates on the WP machine but no matter what I do it redirects to the “This is Mail in a Box page” when I type HTTPS:// into the address bar.

I will also be posting the question in the WP forums too just in case its an issue for the WP side of things

Steps to do external web server with SSL:

  1. Custom A record for the domain. (subdomain = “”, domain =, IP = do not need one for www because www is a CNAME (Alias) that points to the new a record automatically)
  2. Once that is set, install your webserver of choice on the external server.
  3. On the new server, just do everything as you would normally.
  4. Clear your browser cache, MiaB uses SSL HSTS, and cache to load pages so you need to clear this if you switch to an external server.
  5. After some time DNS should have propagated properly, use certbot now to install SSL. (Usually within a few minutes, but DNS can take up to 48 hours to propagate depending on your registrar, region, etc.)

The biggest step here is CLEARING BROWSER CACHE. MiaB will force clients to use cache as part of it’s cookies and header information.

Thanks for you help Murgero, I am not sure what happened but my site currently has a certificate, I will investigate a bit more over the weekend if i get time.

If i need to revisit I will follow those instructions which are pretty much how I had completed it in the first place, so it was probably the Cache issue :slight_smile:

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