Using miab as a relay server for a cloud server

I just setup my miab and wanted to use it as a mail relay for my cloud server. I’ve been trying to use it with smtp authentication then I get a “sender address rejected: not owned by user” Is there a way to allow a user to send as any user?

The “sender” of the email has to have an account on your MiaB installation or be a valid alias.

It does exist on the server. The address that the message is from is an account on the server.

So if you authenticate with that user and password it should be no different than using your desktop email client.

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I’m using cloudways and they require me to use one account for sending all email from the server. I’m using one account to send it, but the from is another account. Both accounts do exist on the miab machine.

PM me the email addresses in question please.

The answer is that the sending account must be listed as a permitted sender - which is usually done by creating an alias.

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