Using lots of 'custom' email accounts

If I buy something online, or register with a forum I like to use the website name as the email address. So this might be

This all works fine but occasionally I need to send from that address. My readings led me to believe that sending requires an account. Is that true/still true? Are there any workarounds people have come up with?


Hi there. You can send as any address that is an alias that forwards to you. So I think if you can receive the email, you can also send. But if you’re using a catch-all, I can’t remember if that’s true or not.

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Thanks, I suspect it is not. I’ll make some aliases to catchall I suppose.

hi, I have a catch all as well and can send from anything I put in front of the @ :grinning:
On thunderbird it’s super easy as I just edit the from address directly, but on the roundcube I have to create an alias first in roundcube. Not a new account.

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Oh man… I was trying to do from a non catch all account. I use TBird as well. I just tested and you are quite right.

I carry multiple domains here … I presume I would need a catch all for each domain that I manage, is that what you do?

Yes just add the catch all to the account you want to send from and you can edit the from to be whatever you want on those domains. Make sure you select this option.