Using Linux Containers (LXC)

I have this idea:

In the setup and Admin panel, the the host machine supports it, why not build a fairly basic panel to allow an Admin to create, start, stop, and destroy Linux Containers?

I installed LXC and its related dependencies with no issues so far, and it would allow us to use the mail in a box host as more than just email and cloud storage. It could also be used to create a backup of the current host in the event something goes wrong, the LXC could be “booted” up and still get email and such while an admin diagnoses the host issues.

Just an idea, if someone would like, I can attempt to create a script that will install and create the admin panel for LXC.

Backups are already standard on MIAB. If the host goes down, you would need a new host. I think you’re talking about containerizing MIAB core features, while leaving the admin panel outside the container. That would be pretty messy, a lot of work, and I don’t think it matches up with what MIAB is about.

Creating a dockerized version of MIAB was attempted a while back, but it didn’t succeed fully if I read the topic correctly.

That’s not what I meant, I meant allowing admins to use lxc to create “virtual machines” so the miab host can do more than email. Not compartmentalize it.

Example, I have miab running on a physical host with 2TB space, 16GB RAM, and 4 processors. Using lxc, I am also running a chroots Ubuntu that is hosting my subsonic server and apache2 for php with its own IP address.

To clarify: MIAB is running on the host. Not in a lxc. MIAB would be the LXC HOST.

That’s just not what MIAB is. The feature is so far removed from MIAB that if implemented, hundreds of other requests would be just as reasonable.

It would grow into something entirely different.

It’s free to fork, but I think LXC containers opens up a big can of worms in capability that would thwart the care taken to make MIAB (ideally) secure.

So far I have been using MIAB as a lxc host with no issues, I just figured putting an admin interface for lxc in miab so that if someone needed to (like me) they could create an Ubuntu or Debian lxc and install software there as opposed to trying to install the software on the MIAB host. You know? Just a suggestion is all :slight_smile:

Or even better: a module system so user can write their own “plugins” for MIAB. :slight_smile:

But I get it. It’s not what MIAB is supposed to be. :slight_smile: just figured I’d put my two cents in.

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I don’t blame you, I went through the trouble of trying to adapt MIAB for my own needs, and ended up creating various scripts with other mail systems that would go about bringing more features.

Seriously, fork it if you’re all gung-ho about creating the admin panel with LXC features. Just don’t have it HELO message servers claiming to be Mail In a Box. That wouldn’t be cool. I’ll check it out.

I might fork it then just to add this feature, I just like the idea of using MIAB because lets be real here for a moment, it is AMAZING.

LXC is a safe way to modify the system without modifying the system (if that makes any sense at all)

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