Using Digital Ocean Volumes?

I understand the “one-click” setup of Mail-in-a-Box but would like to know if there is a configuration option to move the MailStore off to a Digital Ocean Volume vs Local Block Storage?

If I migrate my current mail server, I will probably need up to 300gb of space.

Not sure if Mail-in-a-Box stores in standard .msg clear text or stuffs messages in to a database.

I am migrating from Windows based MDaemon ( Mail Server.

P.S. I see this topic was last brought up in 2016 with no resolution.

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In theory you could install MIAB, move the /home/user-data/mail folder to a location (keep contents) then mount a DO volume / block storage to /home/user-data/mail, then move the data back. The same can be done for /home/user-data/www and /home/user-data/cloud

AFAIK MIAB uses the MailDir method from Dovecot to store mail objects.

I agree that this should work in theory.

I’m not sure if DO offers this, but I use Lunanode for my mail server with a volume backed instance. Their cost for volume backed instances is 0.03/GB, much less than DO’s cost.

What we do is mount a volume that has MIAB on it and all data. We can increase the volume space as our needs expand. It’s not SSD, but for email, we have not found any particular issues.

We run a very small instance costing us $5 per month of 1GB Ram and 1 cpu (but we can increase this if needed, or decrease it too). This is with about 20 very active mail users, and about 10,000 emails a month- and we’ve had no issues.

With 300GB of space, we pay about $13/month, which we feel to be very reasonable.

Their own data centre is in Toronto, which is what we use, although options exist in Montreal and France as well via their leased servers at OVH.

The benefit to doing this (at least on our end) is that we don’t have to tweak anything with MIAB, so we can just run upgrades as normal, without remembering where things are mounted.

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