Using different URLs to access MiaB server

I am sure this subject has been discussed before however, I am still having difficulties understanding exactly what I need to do to resolve the situation I am experiencing. Hope I can get the answer I am looking for.

My domain names were created at GoDaddy and the websites are wordpress sites hosted with my servers at The MiaB installation is also at Vultr.

We have successfully completed our installation of MiaB in its own Vultr machine. We have created and started using our MiaB server. This part was particularly easy to execute and complete. No problems. Let’s call this “”.

I would now like to add another domain to use this same MiaB installation, let’s call this “”. I have already created and successfully used a new email for this second domain.

Essentially what I want to do is to have the second set of users access the MiaB installation by way of and not What step or steps am I missing to complete this process?


That’s not how it works. The mail instructions tab on the control panel shows the only supported way to access mail, and the instructions are the same for all users.

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