Using Box DNS and receiving errors

Hi Folks,

I just set up an MIAB on a fresh VPS on DigitalOcean. I have my domain on GoDaddy and my name servers set to forward to the box, I used the hostnames function on GoDaddy to create and, which is my understanding is what’s referred to as the “Glue” record. It appears to be that the box is appropriately acting as the name server for my domain as I used to see the propogation of a custom DNS record that I added before and after adding it on the Box server. That said, there are several things that are currently erroring on the status page, some of which don’t seem to be accurate:

  1. DNSSEC record has been set at registrar (GoDaddy), unsure why it is reflecting as “wrong”.
  2. As stated above, I believe the “Glue” records have also been set at the registrar.
  3. The box.domain.tld record does indeed resolve to the box’s IP address, I am able to successfully access the server presently.
  4. Again, name servers are correctly configured, it is properly serving requests for a custom DNS entry that I added that did not resolve before I added it.
  5. A check through dnschecker. org shows that I do have an MX record that indeed points to my box.

I configured GoDaddy to point to my box nameservers last night and it appears to have taken effect according to an email that I received from GoDaddy this morning and the custom DNS that I’ve added is appropriate based on dnschecker. org.

Is there anything that I need to do in order to make MIAB re-initiate it’s DNS settings or am I just being impatient waiting for things to propogate which I tend to think isn’t the case as when I check what’s propogating across the internet, I see things that MIAB says aren’t out there yet. I originally started out trying to manually configure my DNS records on GoDaddy, but there was one record that MIAB wanted me to configure that GoDaddy wouldn’t let me without paying for their “Advanced” DNS service that was some ridiculous 3 digit number.

EDIT: For what it’s worth, I’m also able to send and receive email.

Sanitized status check page:

Hi Johavi

Is this a brand new domain? Or has it been in existence and used before?
Exactly WHEN did you set the DNSSEC record with GoDaddy?

And out of curiosity, which DNS record is it that GoDaddy wanted you to pay for ‘Advanced DNS’?

Most of what you are seeing is propagation. However, feel free to PM me your hostname if you’d like a second set of eyes to check things.

This is a more or less new domain, I created it earlier in the week for a few other things and then started working on MIAB and decided to let MIAB handle my DNS. I created the DNSSEC last night under GoDaddy before I moved the name servers over, though I believe those are still handled by the registrar under that circumstance. I believe it was the TLSA records that GoDaddy wouldn’t let me add. If you think this is still an issue of propagation, I’ll wait until Monday and see what happens, then I take you up on the offer to take a look at the full domain. Thanks!

This is your issue … delete the DNSSEC records from GoDaddy completely. Then using the information found on the MiaB status page (click the ‘show more’ link) enter the information on GoDaddy’s site again.

I didn’t think that anything changed, but I went ahead and removed and added it back in… and now everything is green… go figure! Thank you for your help kind stranger!

DNSSEC is flaky like that. Glad that my past experience was able to help someone else out. :slight_smile:

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