Using an existing address on an existing domain?

Has someone here managed to start using MIAB on a pre-existing domain with a pre-existing (low-traffic) mailbox ?

My current understanding of MIAB is that it’s best used with a brand new domain name. Am I right/wrong ?

You are neither - because EITHER case is fine!

Keep in mind that to use MiaB on an existing domain which already has email service, the other email service will need to be replaced by MiaB.

One thing to take note of … I use a generic domain for my MiaB installs when there are going to be email accounts from several different domains served from it. For me it makes sense as it eliminates the need to mess with glue records, etc on an existing domain which may already be providing its own DNS, for example.

I can start with one domain and then add another domain and anoter mailboxes, right ?

MIAB has multi-domain support.

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