Using Amazon SES ( plus Load Balanced EC2 Instance on AWS

this is EXACTLY the situation I am in. I was going to submit a new topic until I found this one. I know it is marked solved but I am not exactly sure I have the details clear enough for me to feel comfortable moving forward.
The domain in reference is

Here is my situation:

  1. registrarar: godaddy
  2. dns: route53
  3. web server: wordpress on load balanced ec2 instances with msql in RDS on AWS. we use plugins to send form info via email to our email (i.e. sends form data from to this can be changed to whatever method is most reliable.
  4. mail server: not setup yet but have MIAB ready to go on VULTR 2GB Storage instance. (i set up MIAB on a different domain and it works nearly flawlessly).
  5. sendy (this is most important as this is such an important piece of our business.). it uses amazon SES and SNS notifications to handle bounces and unsubscribes. please see for information.

my sendy installation is located here:

I guess I am looking for a clear guide to a custom DNS setup for MIAB that won’t conflict with Load Balanced instances on AWS EC2 and AMAZON SES/SNS utilized by Sendy. Uless there are other suggestions.

for example above: I changed the “w” to “x” in the domain name above to deter bots.

text from external dns tab:

“If you do send email from this domain name you should either override this record such that the SPF rule does allow the originating server” - I am looking for this information explained in simple instructions.

“…or, take the recommended approach and have the box handle mail for this domain (simply add any receiving alias at this domain name to make this machine treat the domain name as one of its mail domains).” - I know it says “simply”, but I am confused by that instruction. Can I somehow send emails from SENDY (AWS SES) to MIAB and it forwards on to the intended recipients automatically? What is this suggesting, how does it work and how do I implement it if it does provide an adequate solution?

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