Using a Different webmail Client?

I was planning to install mail in a box as our family email server. however, we do not want roundcube as our webmail client. I wanted to know if it is possible to use something like nextbit webmail client or any other third party client like horde with mail in a box?

If so, is there a way to prevent script from installing and configuring roundcube?

Thanks in advance.

roundcube will always be installed, but you can just not use it. Any webmail client that can be configured for external email servers will work.

within the first 10 threads on this forum you missed one big 3rd party webmail client that can be installed IN MIAB:

Feel free to use it. Wrote the tut myself. Cheers.

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I’m going through the guide right now, Just one question: can the /mail be mapped to the 3rd party client by default?

No - the tutorial ONLY works with the NextCloud setup.

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I’d like to note - the rainloop app for nextcloud works for ANY nextcloud setup, not just the setup for MIAB

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I dropped Rainloop on my webserver, and it ties in perfectly to MIAB. Could go that route, keeping MIAB as stock as possible.

Note you can run Rainloop locally too, its just a web imap client.


Yep - Rainloop comes as a Nextcloud plugin/app or as a standalone thing. It doesn’t even need to be on the same server as MIAB.

I’ve definitely got it set up on a 2nd server that we use for file sharing and stuffs.
Works great so far!

I had one more unrelated question!

My domain is
Box is at

I want to use
As the name servers instead of

Is there a way to make it happen?

why would you want to do that? No user really sees the names - leave and use something like Officially they need to be ns1/ns2 HOWEVER as long as points to your MIAB ip and it resolves in DNS, it will work as a NS.

So I had cube pointed to MIAB IP and sphr pointed to a floating IP at DO

Plan was to make the transition smooth when I have to scale things up.