User not found - error when unlocking admin features of NextCloud

While trying to follow this tutorial ( on how to set up Mail-in-a-Box on AWS Lightsail, I get an error after having set up Mail-in-a-Box successfully and trying to unlock the admin features of NextCloud for my newly created email-address:

The command I run:

:~$ sudo ./mailinabox/tools/

This produces the following error:

I am going to unlock admin features for
You can provide another user to unlock as the first argument of this script.

WARNING: you could break mail-in-a-box when fiddling around with Nextcloud's admin 
If in doubt, press CTRL-C to cancel.

Press enter to continue.

user not found

Does anybody know why it says user not found?

I do not have an answer for you, but I did run into the same problem. “User not found”

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