User Management

I am not sure if this is an improvement request or if it is just instructions on how to do something, but I need some form of user management for my mail/collaboration tools. I’m trying to see if I can use my server’s Nextcloud solution to synchronize both “employee” contact information and external people’s contact information, across all accounts.
The thing is, I want to be able to, like Google and Microsoft, when typing into the “to:” field of an email, have suggestions pop up for people within the company. Right now, I have two “employees”, but I imagine it will become more and more of a pain to keep managing users.
Now, I know that Nextcloud has fancier user management features than Mail In a Box’s native user management features (which literally only includes two group categories, usernames and passwords).
I want to create a group called “employees” which then I could have an address book which all the employees in the group could natively have on their Nextcloud account. However, MIAB does not currently support that, since Nextcloud is a stripdown version in MIAB. I am hoping I don’t break anything, since I don’t have a lot of technical knowledge on this thing.


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