Use MiaB as mass mailer for Rails site viable?

I am looking for a mailing solution for a couple of domains I am managing.

Most domains have 1 or more email accounts that is used (by humans) to send and receive email. This would be no problem for MiaB I guess and to have the DNS configured such that everything except is redirected to the ‘main’ web server. This is mostly friends-and-family stuff

However, I am also running 1 fairly big Ruby on Rails site in production, which sends around ~2k-5k emails with attachments a month (invoice pdfs). I am currently using a paid SMTP service for this.

Would MiaB be suited for this? What would be a good way to allow my users to send newsletter style bulk emails? Cycle through the recipients and fire off a single email per address? Is there anything I need to be concerned about regarding spam and blacklists with sending through MiaB compared to my current SMTP payserver?

EDIT: The rest of the email accounts on that domain are all managed by GMail. Is it possible to keep it that way? So and will still be able to send and receive through GMail while is used by my webserver to send emails through MiaB.

Might be beyond your scope, but on the webserver end, is there a preference to have Rails send directly through MiaB’s SMTP port, or to have Rails relay to the system’s sendmail, and have that configured for use with MiaB on a remote address?

Finally, the FAQ mentions to avoid .nl domains since they required 2 NS. Most my domains are .nl though, but I think it is no problem to enter the same NS twice. Are there any other concerns?

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