Use Mail-in-a-Box for mass email

Hi team,

Please does anyone have idea about how to use mail-in-a-box for sending bulk emails. Does Roundcube webmail support such? Besides, I tried setting up my sendblaster software using the SMTP server settings provided in my mail-in-a-box dashboard but it didn’t work out.

Any idea will be highly appreciated.

Mail-in-a-Box isn’t designed for bulk emailing. There are probably other tools that would be more suitable.

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Do you mind recommending one or two?

Bulk or Mass mail sound SPAM alike … If what you need are Transactional and/ or Marketing mailing services, you could just google about Sendgrid or Mailgun ones.


What do you thing about using as email management, and MIAB as email engine?

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This is a simple Webmail automation tool for Roundscube where you can send Mass/ Bulk emails. This tool let you sit back and see the bulk email sending process using Roundscube Bulk Emailer tool:

Using mail-in-box as a mass mailing service is poor choice of tool. Mixing transactional email traffic and and legitimate marketing emails or worse dirty spam lists is a RBL disaster guaranteed. Use a legitimate email marketing service such as Mailgun, MailChimp or Sendgrid. Alternatively hire an expert to build your own mass marketing platform.

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MIAB has built in any spam (AKA bulk email) feature, so you cannot send out too many emails.

Don’t forget about Sendy