Use IPV6 Instead of IPV4

Currently my MIAB is using IPV4. How do I switch to IPV6?

What I have done so far and failed:
I edited file etc/postfix/ “inet_protocols=ipv4” to “inet_protocols=ipv6” and got these errors on status check of MIAB.
Incoming Mail (SMTP/postfix) is not running (port 25)
Outgoing Mail (SMTP 465/postfix) is not running (port 465)
Outgoing Mail (SMTP 587/postfix) is not running (port 587)

MiaB is using the IP addresses assigned to Ubuntu. If the server doesn’t have an IPv4 address, then it will IPv6. So probably the easiest way is to not have an IPv4 IP address on the server.

Thank you for your help.

So if I disabled IPV4 from my server then MiaB will automatically recofig the dns and everything or do I have to ran “sudo mailinabox” again? Are there anything or steps I need to do before disabling IPV4?

Probably you will need to run sudo mailinabox.

Ok, I will ask my host about how to disabled IPV4 and will ran sudo mailinabox again. I will update you on this. I hope nothing break.

You will have issues with mail servers that do not have IPv6 addresses, so that will be broken.

For example, I can’t find a MX record that has an AAAA record, but hopefully you won’t have to email them.

Oh that’s not good. Yahoo mail is one I do have to email. So from what you’re saying I can’t send to yahoo mail people?

I don’t know if they do it world wide, but from my MiaB IP address in the U.S., this is what they reply with:

$ dig +short mx
$ dig +short aaaa

How do you check this?

So I found a website that can check mail server IPv6 connectivity.

I am not sure if links are allow. If not then I can delete it.

Anyways, this doesn’t sound like a good idea after all. I will end my IPV6 journey here for now.

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Why not use IPv4+IPv6? I’m using a standard MIAB installation with both perfectly fine and it scored 11 out of 11 on the site you mentioned.

Yes, @Emilia I have both and I’ve passed 11 out of 11 too. But all that mean, I’m guessing is that you can received emails from IPv6 mail servers. But when you’re sending MiaB uses IPv4 to send.

Great question academically and points for promoting IPv6 take up; but if aim is to be actually be communicating with folks from (not just famous domains like yahoo) - why would you want to do disable ipv4?

@kellytrinh the reason is because my IPv4 got blacklisted. Actually, it’s not mine that got blacklisted but the ASN and mine happened to fell in it. My hosting company suggested that I use IPv6 because it’s not blocked.

Well, after all these researching I now realized it’s not a good idea. At least for now it’s not.

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