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I have setup Mail in a box for one domain and everything is working fine except some users are going to use Gmail to send and receive these emails. so what i have done is i put the alias or forwarder to this users which forwards the email to their Gmail account and we added the to gmail send as settings.

The problem is while the aliases are configured on mail in a box when we end out emails using gmail we get the below error message
553 5.7.1 <>: Sender address rejected: not owned by user [

but as soon as i remove the aliases send as starts to work, i have also tried using roundcube to forward the emails but i get the message that the gmail is not in the virtual alias table.

any help is appropriated

Do not forward emails to Google. Google does not want them and will not accept them. In the end Google will eventually blacklist your IP which you do not want.

I would attack this in an entirely different manner. I would treat Gmail as my email client to read and send emails. This should accomplish what you want safely.

Here is a gulde on how to do it.

I could explain why the settings you are using do not work, and will upon request, but I strongly urge you to switch to this method. This method is fully supported by Gmail and will not destroy your IP reputation with them.

all good now, i was using the wrong port.

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