URL not working

I recently moved my server to a new VPS service. I am trying to just set up the new server without even dealing with restoring a backup. My new server is running Ubuntu 18.04. I redirected my domain registration to the new ip address. The admin system status is not giving me any errors BUT my URL is not working. I can only get to my server by using the IP address. I know this may not be a lot to go on but does anyone have any ideas?

If you just did this today it can take up to 48 hours for DNS to change properly.

A couple work arounds:

  1. Change your hosts file (C:\Windows\Drivers\Etc\hosts) (/etc/hosts) and add your server ip and DNS name there.

  2. clear your DNS cache and see if that helps

  3. Wait for DNS to fully propagate.

Seems that GoDaddy is running slow today. I made a change yesterday and they usually propagate within a few minutes but it took nearly 20 hours. So if you are on GoDaddy or any of their resellers, just be patient. It’s hard, I know; it was killing me all last night.