URL https://box.domain.eu/mail change to webmail.domain.eu

Hello, I have completed the Mail-in-a-Box configuration, everything seems good. The last thing that remains to be solved is that I need to get rid of the mail subdirectory for Rouncube. So instead of https://box.domain.eu/mail, I need Roundcube to be available in the following way: https://webmail.domain.eu, while the original method with the mail directory can easily remain active.
Thanks for the advice

With apologies, Iā€™m going to close this discussion. Everyone is welcome to make whatever modifications they like on their own box, and I welcome discussion about how to make Mail-in-a-Box better for everyone or specific questions to learn about how Mail-in-a-Box works, but questions about how to make a box do something other than what it is designed to do is best asked in a general linux or sysadmin forum like https://superuser.com/. Also I would really ask that everyone avoid language like ā€œI need.ā€

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